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Current focus on exploitation of unconventional resources shale gas. Results were 4 oil wells, 7 gas wells, 1 oil and gas well, 10 dry wells, 1 well under a tighthole status, 1 relief well, and 12 wells continuing drilling andor evaluation at year end. Mature oilfields usually encounter the problem of high watercut. Well performance becomes strongly affected by water influx, and early shut in may be expected with such a poor economics. Lane, spe, northstar technologies international, and r. Historically, water source wells were drilled to supply injection wells for water flooding of oil pools. Excessive water production is one of the main wellknown problems that would face any oil operator in the world. Principal focus is productionrelated near wellbore damage and remedial water control practices. In water flooding operations, the aim is to mobilize the oil in the matrix rock toward the production wells and to main tain the pressure of the reservoir. In order to increase profitability, oil companies are putting an effort to reduce water production by executing water shutoff treatments. Eliminating water cut with water shutoff treatment. Excess water production diagnosis in oil fields using.

It has been developed a novel chemical based water shutoff technology for reducing water cut and increase crude oil production in mature fields. It reduces the sweep efficiency hence reduces the ultimate oil recovery from the reservoir. Mechanical methods are usually used to deal with wellbore water shutoff or near. Spepetroleum society of cim 65527 gel water shutoff in. Good water is that water produced at a rate below the water oil economic limit i. Water shutoff conformance control poweltec wso cc processes have been successfully applied in more than 100 field cases worldwide, i. Water shutoff treatments using chemical which perform when mechanical water shutoff treatments are obviously inapplicable, when the reservoir reach it is critical depleted. Halliburton is the worlds leading provider of intelligent completion technology to the upstream oil industry. For crude oil wells nearing the end of their productive lives, water can comprise as much as 98% of the material brought to the surface.

Shutoff flow in csg, gravel packs, perf tunnels, annuli, and micro annuli, selectively reduce or shutoff water production in oil and gas wells custom made neo products equipment used with neo plastic can eliminate undesirable flow from midinterval perforations while still producing from perforations above and below the isolated interval. The following procedure could be altered in emergency situations to use the annular preventer and motion compensator for cases in which the shut in drillpipe pressure and shut in casing pressure are low and near the same value indicating oil or water, or the kick volume is less than 20 to 30 bbl and the time to kill the well is less than 2. State officials have ordered oil companies to shut 12 more wells that injected oil field wastewater into drinkable aquifers beneath californias droughtstricken central valley, regulators. Modelling gelation time of organically crosslinked watershutoff systems for oil wells marfo sa1, appah d 2, joel of3 and oforisarpong g4. State shuts 12 oil company wells that pumped waste into. Water shutoff and conformance improvement for oil and gas. The operator had to shut it in for 54 months because of high water cut. Xmax offers an easy to deploy solution for zonal water shut off, creating a permanent barrier in the reservoir resulting in optimised.

But it can also help to improve the lifetime of the well, by reinjecting the produced water. Using the testing facilities at our houston site and then working alongside some of the major oil corporates, in offshore environments across the globe, we have invented an effective water shut off solution, which reduces water cut and increases oil production, even in wells that previously produced 100% water. Gel water shutoff in fractured or faulted horizontal wells. The gelling agent for water shutoff in oil and gas wells is a composition that forms a gel to reduce or eliminate the flow of water in a gas or oil well. Modelling gelation time of organically crosslinked water. Do not use this form for proposals to drill new wells, significantly deepen existing wells below current bottomhole depth, reenter plugged wells, or to. Methods of shutting off water in oil and gas wells. A gulf of mexico well in the calcarenitas formation was drilled as an oil producer and completed with a 7in 177. Water shut off treatments in oilfield by micro and nano. Integration of technical problems and diagnosis of high. Thirdly, the complex requirements of the project make polymer flooding an expensive option and therefore difficult for small or medium enterprises to put. Us20160068737a1 gelling agent for water shutoff in oil. Energy saving opportunities in the oil production sector.

Despite huge losses oil companies reluctant to shut in. Smartwell system technology, introduced in 1997, was the industrys first intelligent well completion system. Twentyeight exploration agreements were negotiated, 17 of which were between the canadian oil and gas lands administration cogla and various oil and gas. Comprehensive diagnostic and water shutoff in open and cased hole carbonate horizontal wells. Our optimized gel solutions for water shutoff yield better reservoir drawdown. An introduction to enhanced oil recovery techniques. Water control to increase well productivity and potential reserves. This technology employs polymeric gel beads micron size range suspendend in an organic solvent, hereinafter referred to as smart w, which can swell selectively in contact with formation water and. Finally higher water out resulted in the wells to be closed. A 3d simulation model was used to investigate the effect of water areal coning and channeling through fractures on wor and wor derivative trends in vertical. The application of water shutoff technique in jidong oilfield. Disposal wells primarily handled byproduct effluent from high water ratio producing gas and oil wells.

To shut off water and recover oil production in a horizontal section, an operator in qatar found it necessary to run tools through a completion with a narrow internal diameter of 3. Project report water shut off petroleum reservoir oil well. Overview of water shutoff operations in oil and gas wells. Studies on cross linked polymer gel system for water shut. Pdf overview of water shutoff operations in oil and gas. Shutoff solutions for excess water and gas production. Successful utili zation of fiber optic telemetry enabled coiled tubing for water shutoff on a horizontal oil well in ghawar field. The fractional water flow is dictated by the natural mixing behavior that gradually increases water oil ratio wor. Recent advances in horizontal well water shutoff and production. Gel treatment field application survey for water shut off. Water shutoff controls a serious problem in oil producing reservoirs is increasing water cut.

Water production causes major economic and operational problems. Deepwater producing wells are on a different trajectory than shallow water with new wells replacing those that are shut in. Produced water can cause damage in the reservoir, in the subsurface tubular, surface equipment etc. The polymer gel technology in hydrocarbon industry had its beginning from 1960s. Wells elsewhere in the world average 3 bbl of water for each barrel of oil khatib and verbeek 2003.

Overview of water shutoff operations in oil and gas wells mdpi. Water control results in increased economic recovery in the well d. Open fractures and high permeability layers usually reduce the efficiency of. Producing wells declining in the shallowwater gulf of.

Downhole remediation for mature oil and gas wells is presented from a practical point of view. Project report water shut off free download as word doc. From 2002, there have been 800 or more producing deepwater wells most years, hitting a high in 2007 at 867 and numbering 819 in 2017. Qatardecreasing water cut while increasing oil production. Understanding inter well connectivity within your reservoir march 22, 2018 stephen whitaker. As long as the water production rate is below the economic level of water oil ratio wor, no water shutoff treatment is needed. Unwanted water production is one of the biggest challenges when looking to optimise hydrocarbon production from a well. Regenerating depleted oil and gas wells using water shut. Aubin has developed the xmax toolbox to enable water shut off downhole and in turn improving field economics and creating value for operators. This was a 44% decrease in the oil rate and a 40% reduction in water from the rates after the firs t treatment. In natural water drive reservoirs, high water production rates and fluid levels can result in uneconomic wells. This paper was prepared for presentation at the spe permian basin oil and gas recovery. Consequently, the ability to shut off high water and or gas producing zones in a horizontal well would result in.

In recent years oil production of the wells have begun to decline due to water out of the wells, especially water rates in part of the wells were more than 98%. Despite huge losses oil companies reluctant to shut in production. In hydrocarbon production, more often than not, oil is produced commingled with water. The pvc tube wellbore was filled with ge l and then placed in the oven whose temperature was fixed at 65. A white paper describing produced water from production of. Thus water shut off and conformancecontrol treatments can be used to generate relatively large volumes of incremental oil production with low costs and selectively, targeted small volume treatments, which extends the economic lives of marginal and mature wells. Good water, then, is that water that cannot be shut off without reducing oil production. Seright, spe, new mexico petroleum recovery research center. Although water cut recent reports of eldest field in the has reached the 98%. The composition is formed by mixing polyvinyl alcohol, a polyvinyl alcohol copolymer, or mixtures thereof with an aminoaldehyde oligomer, such as urea formaldehyde or melamine formaldehyde, with or without a crosslinker. Discussions include decision processes for selection, design, and application of methods that are supported by field experiences and research results. The heterogeneous nature of the rock causes water and oil in the reservoir to follow paths of least resistance. Spe 70067 a strategy for attacking excess water production. It is practical to use chemical methods for water shutoff in production wells, however conventional water shutoff agents have.

Water source, injection and disposal service wells summary. Chemicals are more expensive than mechanical water shutoff treatments. Let tiorco help select candidate projects to achieve rapid payback, reduced opex and low cost incremental oil recovery. Problems arise when water production rate exceeds the wor economic level, producing no or little oil. The water cut in waterdrive reservoirs can reach very high values. A significant percentage of oil production wells in california have water to oil ratios exceeding 95%. Due to higher mobility and permeability, water production overtakes oil production from the lowpermeability zone, resulting in high water cut production, poor sweep efficiency and poor economics.

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