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Multispectrum infrared ultraviolet electrooptical multi spectral digital wideband ir sensor with ultraviolet phototube. Combination flame detectors combination uv ir flame detectors are designed to see portions of both light spectrums and use the resulting composite signal to initiate an alarm. In addition, via integrated ultraviolet uv and infrared ir sensors, the ipesiruv monitors in specific regions of both spectral ranges. The signals from both sensors are analyzed for frequency, intensity and duration. The uvir flame detector can therefore be applied in areas where single uv or ir flame detectors could potentially cause false andor unwanted alarms.

Infrared spectroscopy identifying functional groups 4. Uv ir 2 combined detectors the combined uvir detector using a performant uv sensor is limited in terms of detection range distance of detection, by the infrared part. Fmx5000 ir flame detectors meet the highest sensitivity class 1 in accordance with en 5410. Ft194 flame detector test lamp safety systems technology. Irir detectors msas guide to selecting the rightflame detector for your application. Eo ir systems cover a wide range of distinct technologies based on the targets and mission to be accomplished. Fire sentry flame detectors flame detectors flame and. This combination provides a flame detection system, which is highly immune to false alarms. Introduction to radiation detectors and electronics helmuth spieler 19jan99 lbnl 4 the development of detector systems is an interdisciplinary mix of physics and electronics. Uv sensors work by detecting the uv radiation emitted by the flame and are sensitive to a wide range of flammable fuels including hydrocarbons, sulfur, hydrazine and ammonia. The fire sentry fs20x exhibits faster falsealarm free response to fires over a wider temperature range and with a much longer detection range compared to conventional uv ir detectors. They are sensitive to flickering, low frequency 1 to 15hz infrared ir radiation along with ultraviolet uv emitted by flames during combustion. This uvir combination provides a fast response time and increased false alarm immunity against sources of radiation for reliable protection.

Installation guide and operating manual fsx fire and flame. The detector is designed to respond to a wide range of hydrocarbon based fires and the rugged design is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Tips to select the right flame detector chemical processing. Cost and application of flame detector tc life safety. Next, the current state of the art of different types of semiconductor uv detectors is presented. For uvir flame detectors for nonhazardous applications the sst model ft194 flame detector test lamp is a specifically designed portable source of ultraviolet uv and infrared ir radiation for testing safety systems technologys uvir flame detectors. Characteristics and use of infrared detectors mmrc. For example, understanding of a modern tracking detector in highenergy physics or a medical imaging system requires knowledge of solid state physics. Uv, uv ir, ir3 flame detectors the fsl100 series of flame detectors from honeywell delivers robust, fast, and reliable detection of flaming fires in a wide range of applications. Fixed wavelength detectors, the backbone of early hplc systems, are cheap and simple, but are in limited use today. The range consists of uv, uvir and ir3 flame detectors. Simultaneous detection of radiant energy in both the uv and ir sensors triggers an alarm signal. The two sensors individually operate the same as previously described, but additional circuitry processes signals from both sensors.

Detectors which allow the selection of the operating wavelength called variable wavelength detectors and they are are particularly useful in three cases. Notifiers fire sentry ss2, ss3, ss4, fs20x and fs24x is a family of multispectrum, electrooptical digital fire and flame detectors representing leading edge uv, ir and vis technology for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The signals from both sensors are analyzed for frequency, intensity, and duration. A uvir flame detector consists of ultraviolet uv and infrared ir sensors that are joined together in a single apparatus. Pdf dualband uvir optical sensors for fire and flame. This process results in fewer false alarms due to the finite. Us4455487a fire detection system with ir and uv ratio. The triple ir flame detector uses an additional alarm criterion.

The 3600lb uses a combination of ultraviolet uv and infrared ir sensor technology. In the infrared spectrum, the device is configured for sensitivity to wavelengths in the range of 4. The uvir flame detector senses radiant energy in the short wave section of both the ultraviolet and infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. For example, missile launch detection depends on the very hot missile exhaust, which produces significant radiation in the ultraviolet uv spectral region. Flame detectors working principle instrumentation tools. Uvir detectors for flame detection principles of operation. Guide to selecting the right flame detector for your application anatomy of a fire figure 1. Ultravioletinfrared and ultravioletonly flame detectors designed to detect unwanted firesstatus,and provide alarm outputs directly from the detector while maintaining false alarm immunity.

An automatic fire detection system characterized by an extremely low incidence of false alarms utilizes two detection channels, one fed by an infrared ir detector and the other by an ultraviolet uv detector. Radiationtype flame detectors collect radiation from the area. Note that uv radiation reaching the earth from the sun does not extend into the sensitivity range of the detector, nor does radiation from. A tutorial on electroopticalinfrared eoir theory and. Flamegard 5 uvir detector 2 quick start guide mount and wire the detector pay special attention to the conduit seal entry canadian electrical code handbook part 1. The uv ir flame detector senses radiant energy in the short wave sections of both the ultraviolet and infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. At the heart of this technology is the ir detector.

It is designed to sense the occurrence of fire and flames and subsequently activate an alarm or. Ir3 flame detector senseware the flame detector company. Combination flame detectors combination uvir flame detectors are designed to see portions of both light spectrums and use the resulting composite signal to initiate an alarm. The fsl100 may be small and lightweight for easy installation but it is designed to work in tough indooroutdoor environments, as well as potentially explosive atmospheres. Flame detector technical information series 072000.

The detector that gives a broad wavelength selection, its covering range of uvvis 190800 nm called a uvvis detector. Firespecific signals are digitally processed by the microcontroller preventing false alarms e. The sensors must exceed their alarm threshold to initiate a fire alarm. Fs20x is a multispectrum and uv dual ir vis fire and flame detector with a proven uv solarblind sensor.

The fl500 uvir flame detector monitors for radiation emitted by a flame in both the ultraviolet uv and infrared ir spectral ranges. Thus, becoming the most complete, fourdetectors, instrument for polyolefin analysis. This means the combined detector has better false alarm rejection capabilities than the individual uv or ir detectors. Triple ir ir3 offers two to three times the detection distance of single ir or uv ir detectors and the. However, uv ir combined detectors suffer from the combined limitations of uv and ir detectors. The uvirs fire detector responds to uv radiation wavelengths of 185 to 260 nanometres 1850 to 2600 angstroms and ir radiation in the 4. Spectroscopy nmr, ir, ms, uvvis main points of the chapter 1.

The uv absorbance varies, depending on the mobile phase and the use of the wavelength. Sharpeyetm uvir flame detector manual tm2020lb rev e, august 2004 1 1. Target phenomenology oftenthe choice of dominates spectral band. The senseware ir3 flame detectors utilizes a microprocessor for sophisticated electronic signal analysis. Evolution of ir technology has been largely synonymous to advances in ir detectors. Single ir detector for hydrocarbon fires indoor applications. Honeywell fsl100 flame detectors monitor hazardous areas for invisible infrared or ultraviolet light that occurs outside the frequency range of visible flames. Uv ir2 flame detectors these detectors give the highest immunity to false alarms. In contrast to a uv detector, a visible vis detector employs longer wavelengths, such as 400nm to 800 nm. In comparison with visible and ultraviolet rays, infrared radia. Introduction to radiation detectors and electronics. These detectors generally require both uv and ir light sources fitting a particular frequency to cause an alarm. Introduction the uv irs is a smart, standalone fire detector, combining sensors for both the ultraviolet and infrared spectra. It is the same with uv and ir detectors, there is enough literature to help with the proper choice of detector based on the fire signature expected for you to make a welleducated and correct decision.

Figure 2 spectral response of uv and ir detectors uvir flame detector fl3110 the model fl3110 is a discriminating uvir detector, which makes use of an ultraviolet radiation sensitive phototube in addition to an infrared detector see figure 2. Signal processing electronics in each channel produce a normalized output signal proportional to the power of incident ir and uv radiation within specific bandwidths. The uvir flame detector senses radiant energy in the short wave sections of both the ultraviolet and infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The fsl100 series detects both hydrocarbon and nonhydrocarbon flaming fires in order to address a wide range of fire protection applications both indoors and outdoors. It is significant to select a suitable wavelength on the basis of the type of analyte or component. A typical uv detector permits to select the wavelength between 190nm and 400 nm. It activates alarm signal or fire extinguishing system via. Uvir flame detector senseware the flame detector company. In the area of ir detection, the conventional hgcdte and insbbased detectors. The glt exports model zt20p uvir flame detectors is designed to sense the occurrence of fire and flames and subsequently activate an alarm or an extinguishing system, directly or through a control circuit for maximum fire protection. Hplc detectors types comparison principles pdf ppt. Used for maintenance and testing of flame detectors ability to activate the flame detector from a distance of up to 10m rechargeable battery included operates at least 100 tests before recharging the battery 1. Flame detection for silane and other nonhydrocarbon fires.

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