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Feb 14, 2018 watch regular show short 1 mordecai and rigby. Mordecai and rigby get a new video game, dig champs, and rigby really wants to be player 1. Mordecai and the guys discover a legendary disc format. The chance to tie a single game is 1 3, since those are the odds that the second player chooses the same thing as the first. Mordecai and rigby had cameo appearances on the uncle grandpa episode pizza eve, along with other cartoon network characters from currently running and ended cartoons. Theyve got a cranky gumball machine for a boss and they work alongside a zenlike yeti named skips. I dont own regular show or any of its characters, and quentin is the person typing the storys and the main character. Our players are mobile html5 friendly, responsive with chromecast support. Mordecai is the first of the two lead protagonists of regular show, along with his best friend rigby. Mordecai, rigby, muscle man, and highfive ghost are watching their favorite terriblehorror movie donut factory holiday. Anything can happen in the 11 minutes that comprise the typical regular show episode. Theres a lot of feels, so be prepared to daww you guys. Mordecai the blue jay and his best friend rigby the raccoon were at the local park, where the two worked as groundskeepers. Rigby asks eileen to prom, but in order to get there, he has to sneak his dads car out of the garage and get it back in one piece.

Rigby is still waiting for mordecai to take him to oa. Nov 22, 2010 mordecai and the rigbys is the twelfth and final episode in season 1 of regular show. Best friends mordecai and rigby try to fix a hole in the wall before the breach is discovered in the premiere of this animated comedy. Mordecai and rigby relive the first episode, but soon realize that they need to help pops so they use the power to go back. The series revolves around the lives of two workingclass friends, a blue jay named mordecai and a raccoon named rigbyboth employed as groundskeepers at a local park. Mordecai and rigby use a magic keyboard left behind by a wizard who was urinating in a. Rigby is an extremely bad video game player shown in episodes like just set up the chairs, video game wizards, bet to be blonde and more. Oooohhhhhhh mordecai and rigby are back again for volume 5. The chance for that to occur 100 times in a row is 100 1.

Rigby is madly in love with his best friend, mordecai, but ever since margaret agreed to date mordecai, valentines day seems to be more dreary than most. Between mordecai and rigby, rigby in many episodes has shown more characteristics of being an animal than mordecai being closer to the actual size of a raccoon 3 1. Watch tv show regular show season 1 episode 12 mordecai and the rigbys online for free in hdhigh quality. After the dramatic ending with pops defeat over antipops, in which he sacrifices himself to save the universe, mordecai and rigby finally part ways. He made his debut in the original pilot episode working as a groundskeeper at the park. Cartoon fight club episode 2, regular show vs adventure time. When mordecai and rigby need a raise to fix a hole in their bedroom wall, they use a magical keyboard that allows them to do anything. Rigby learns to fight in order to beat mordecai at a game, but rigby s skills soon become dangerous. Rigby learns to fight in order to beat mordecai at a game, but rigbys skills soon become dangerous. Of course, theres a basic pattern that many episodes followthrough their endearing combination of laziness, stupidity, and impetuousness, mordecai and rigby manage to massively piss somebody off, usually over something entirely trivial. Cartoon networks emmy awardwinning animated original, regular show, has reached the coveted 100th episode milestone.

He is a 23yearold blue jay who works as a groundskeeper at the park but often like to slack off with rigby. Meseeks box against unarmed mordecai and rigby is a stomp for rick and morty. Or when they won 500 bucks after an embarrassing night of karaoke that they dont remember. Still as lazy as ever when it comes to work, these guys are getting into all kinds of craziness. Pies, geese, parties, male pattern baldness, limos, 90s television stars. Regular show watch full episodes and video clips cartoon. This story deals with different points of view, will contain content dealing with mxm and jxr, leading to mxr. Rigbone the mordo chapter 1, a regular show fanfic.

You can use your mobile device without any trouble. Rigby played dig champs for a couple of hours, but it wasnt as fun without mordecai. So rigby went back upstairs to check on him and see if felt any better. Watch regular show season 1 episode 12 mordecai and the. Mordecai, rigby and high five ghost, make a small cameo in the amazing world of gumball episode the boredom, along with the titular characters from uncle grandpa and clarence. Mordecai and the rigbys party tonight lyrics genius lyrics. As rigby drinks a soda, mordecai pulls the beef burrito doll away. Caffeinated concert tickets part 5 season 1 episode 3 english episodes.

Request so in an episode of regular show mordecai and. Regular show full episode season 1 episode 0 pilot regular. Its just another regular day at the park for mordecai and rigby as their duties include cleaning up trash, fixing a garage door and helping a wild stallion pass a u. The guys have to protect a large red button from being pushed. It was every now and then i would see mordecai sneaking glances at me as i worked in the heat. Mordecai and rigby are best friends who spend their days trying to entertain themselves by any means necessary.

They have to get it back to the video store soon, but then they cant get it out of the vcr. Werewolves mordecai vs rigby part 2 regular show youtube. Mordecai and rigby sure know how to put up a fight. Maellard and benson were talking in the same episode. Rigby slams the soda can onto the ground and lets out a ferocious cry. I do not own any if this content all rights reserved to cartoon network for more regular show watch cartoon network on weekdays share like.

This episode received an emmy nomination for shortformat animated program. Maellard as a result of mordecai and rigbys mishaps that happened in season 1 e. They even work together at a park owned by pops, a big lollipopheaded guy. The climax of return of mordecai and the rigbys, in which the gangs attempted a cappella rendition of their song unlocks the kickass musical instruments that had been inside them all along, barely rates a mention in the grand scheme of preposterous regular show plot developments. And then, mordecais girlfriend, a human storm named cloudy jane, gets jealous and threatens to rain on everyones parade. Aw man theres nothing to do i know, im sure something will come up mordecai. Like rigby, he lacks clothing, plays video games, sings karaoke, and drinks copious amounts of coffee and soda. It can be strange to discover just what lines in the sand regular show is prepared to draw. Best friends, mordecai a sixfoottall blue jay and rigby a hyperactive raccoon, are groundskeepers at a park. The job is so deadly dull that the two friends will do anything they can to avoid. Mordecai and rigby have to wait at maellards mansion and get a very important delivery. Tvguide has every full episode so you can stayuptodate and watch your favorite show regular show anytime, anywhere.

You could hear the congested sound of his breathing. This episode was first set to air on october 1, 2015, but like the previous episode, it was pulled. Pretending to be weakened, rigby walks over to mrdecai and highfives him. Here on animation rewinds cartoon fight club, we are analyzing the rap battle powers of.

Ranking each regular show seasons worst episode duration. When mordecai and rigby accidentally knock benson unconscious, they try to make it seem like it was a dream by dropping him. In the episode death punchies, mordecai reminds rigby about when he got punched by skips playing punchies and needed butt surgery and ended up having 3 butt cheeks instead of 2. Hmm hmm, guess if you want to find out, youll just have to watch it. The chance for that to occur 100 times in a row is 1 3 100 1. Regular show the final form cartoon network youtube. Regular show season 1 episode 12 mordecai and the rigbys.

Death punchies trailer rigby learns to fight in order to beat mordecai at a game, but rigby s skills soon become dangerous. Regular show mordecai and rigby vs evil doll cartoon network. In the first episode, mordecai rigby and quentin must use a keyboard named the power to pay the damages to a hole in the wall. Mordecai regularr, rigby rigerson, benson tollin robbins, skips taynt description. Watch regular show episodes online season 1 2010 tv guide. Regular show s 05 e 23 return of mordecai and the rigbys. The head scientist puts mordecai and rigby on a 24hour lock down inside the dome, but they want to sneak out and see one of their favorite bands. After ordering a bunch of shirts for a fake band, mordecai and rigby find themselves having to learn to play for real to avoid looking like idiots at the local open mic night. Mordecai was picked by blu to be part of the team of. Because these adversaries often manage to be even more unhinged. Rigby, like most raccoons, is extremely fast and is shown to be faster on four legs than his feet. Mordecai and rigby continue their antics by chasing after pesky park geese.

Quintel, the shows creator and voice of mordecai, and talked about some of his favorite episodes from the first one hundred. Mar 27, 2018 how many times did mordecai punches rigby. On the hottest day of the summer, mordecai, rigby and the rest of the tropes media browse indexes forums videos. Like when benson tried to replace them with an ostrich and a possum. Mar 07, 2015 official mordecai and rigby vs finn and jake. When mordecai and rigby make a fake band, they accidentally enter for a live performance, even though they havent a clue how to. I dont own regular show or any of its characters, and quentin is the. The chance to tie a single game is, since those are the odds that the second player chooses the same thing as the first.

Of the duo of two main characters, mordecai displays far more patience, responsibility, and intelligence than rigby does. Request so in an episode of regular show mordecai and rigby. They play punchies to see who gets to be player 1, but rigby loses since he is much weaker than mordecai. This series has returned to imeperfays house in 2016. Quintel for cartoon network that aired from september 6, 2010, to january 16, 2017. Watch regular show streaming online hulu free trial.

The regular show season 1 episode 1 give us a raise loser. Watch regular show episodes online season 7 2016 tv. I was helping them put the chairs in order so that they didnt have to do much work. Regular show full episode season 1 episode 0 pilot. Mordecai and rigby watch movies for three whole nights, throwing off their sleep cycles. Regular show mordecai and the rigbys tv episode 2010 imdb. Mordecai a sarcastic blue jay, and rigby a somewhat responsible raccoon, are best friends. After erecting a memorial statue of pops, a montage. Kid rock popsicle stand it was like always a nice sunny day outside a housea house in which two friends were hanging outside.

Buy, rent regular show, season 1 episode 12, is available to watch and stream on cartoon network. Watch regular show episodes online season 7 2016 tv guide. Mordecai is the one of the two main protagonists alongside rigby of the 2010 cartoon network animated series regular show. Regular show also known as regular show in space during its eighth season is an american animated television sitcom created by j. Pops realizes that he must reach out to antipops and finally saves the universe at the cost of his life. The only way he usually wins video games is by cheating. The entire park crew return home to their friends and family. Realistic minecraft the movie episode 1 14 duration.

Rating is available when the video has been rented. You can also buy, rent regular show on demand at hulu, hoopla, itunes online. Two 23 year old men, one who had blue emo hair and the other with brown emo hair. Bluebird flight academy commercial pilot training,pilot training canada,cheapest pilot training. Mordecai and rigby put in extra hours at work in order to afford. Or the time they went all out to beat muscle man and high five ghost in a radio contest. When he was 6 he was basically the same except he had 1 front tooth. Mordecai, rigby, and high five ghost have to somehow get muscle mans favorite shirt back on him before he wakes up. Nov 22, 2010 watch regular show mordecai and the rigby s s1 e12 online watch online anytime. Mordecai and rigby help their favorite 80s sitcom star, rgb2, escape from the studio lot and into the mountains to get out of a contract that has trapped him into staying on the show. Read chapter 1 from the story mordecai x rigby regular show by galagator with 949 reads.

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