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A framework for adaptive aeroelastic wing shaping control. Different technologies, in addition to the traditional ailerons, have been included in structural design of joinedwing sensorcraft, in order to improve their performance. A framework for the aeroelastic analysis and design of generic morphing wings. The msc nastran aeroelasticity capability has seen significant enhancements and additions over the last 10 years. Zaero, integrates all essential disciplines required for advanced industrial aeroelastic design and analysis. The combination of cray hardware and ansys software solves these demanding problems efficiently and delivers fast results. The technology uses static aeroelastic deformations as a net benefit during maneuvering. The aeroelastic design of composite wings modeled as thinwalled beams is investigated through the use of curvilinear fiber. Aeroelastic concepts for flexible wing structures 3 abstract this thesis summarizes investigations performed within design, analysis and experimental evaluation of exible aircraft structures.

Some examples include updates to monitor points and splines. The method employs complex method and a 3d navierstokes code to determine the optimum. Flight software was then modified for flight testing, and the aircraft first flew in modified form on november 15, 2002. Aeroelastic cosimulation flight loads toolkit by martijn renooij, stirling dynamics, uk a part of the expleo group of companies, stirling dynamics is a fastgrowing, advanced engineering company that. Boeing x53 active aeroelastic wing military wiki fandom. The purpose of this paper was to develop a computer program for the preliminary design of wings and empennages at any flight regime for. An approach to induced drag reduction with experimental evaluation.

Aeroelastic tailoring method of towsteered composite wing. Pdf aeroelastic modelling of morphing aircraft wings. Nasas unsteady aerodynamic and aeroelastic reduced. A flight research program for active aeroelastic wing technology. Aeroelastic wing planform design optimization of a. Aeroelastic tailoring of a composite forwardswept wing using a novel hybrid pattern search method journal of aerospace engineering, vol. Existing structural design methods are strained even further when new technologies. The structural model considers nonclassical effects such as transverse shear. Optimum aeroelastic design method of a resonance type flapping wing for micro air vehicle is presented.

Aeroelastic analysis of a flexible wing wind tunnel model with variable camber continuous trailing edge flap design nhan nguyen nasa ames research center, moffett field, ca 94035 eric ting. Optimized offdesign performance of flexible wings with. It gets its speed and accuracy from our novel numerical algorithm that. This is the most unique and challenging aspect of the xhale concept as it. The aerodynamics toolkit is a compilation of lite versions of our most popular. In this paper, some major aeroelastic considerations in aircraft. Multidisciplinary optimization can be used to determine optimal wing design that can achieve a. Development of wing structural weight equation for active.

Useful for analysis and control design of flutter or gustload alleviation, ezase is. Aeroelastic twolevel optimization for preliminary design of wing. Pdf windowac wing design optimization with aeroelastic. Nonlinear aeroelastic modeling and analysis of fully. International workshop on robust modeling, design and analysis. Both the bleriot xi and the british bristol prier shown in figure 1.

Based on the studying results of aeroelastic wing characteristics, the controller should be designed depending on the flight speed. Synthesis tools for aeroelastic tailoring have been developed to varying degrees of modeling fidelity. Therefore, aeroelastic optimization design is a necessary way to increase design efficiency in every phase of aircraft design. The programs are applicable to studies of steady state aeroelastic effects on stability characteristics of airplanes, but results are limited in validity to wings of typical fighter airplanes with a. The x53 active aeroelastic wing aaw development program is a completed american research project that was undertaken jointly by the air force research laboratory afrl, boeing phantom works and. Composite material structure optimization design and. The nx nastran aeroelasticity software solution enables you to analyze models in which structures are immersed in fluid flows, which as a result effect the stiffness of the structure itself. The software has been released to various organizations with applications that include cfdbased aeroelastic analyses and the rapid modeling of highfidelity dynamic stability derivatives. Linear parameter varying control for the x53 active. The aeroelastic analysis of the wing plate is completed using the mscnastran software. Optimal design of an aeroelastic wing structure with.

Aeroelastic twolevel design procedure of a wing structure. Active aeroelastic wing is introduced to benefit the forward swept wing fsw. Quartus specializes in the design and analysis of mechanical systems using computeraided. The static aeroelastic torsion divergence problem is the main obstacle to bring forward swept wing into massive applications. The x53 active aeroelastic wing aaw development program is a completed american. Aeroelastic cosimulation flight loads toolkit msc software. The nonlinear aeroelastic analysis, as a key part in optimization design, is integrated into the whole optimization process to obtain the static equilibrium configuration and flutter speed. Aeroelastic design of a joinedwing uav 20090150 aim of this study is the development of an integrated methodology able to support the structural design of an uav. The x53 active aeroelastic wing aaw development program is a completed research project that was undertaken jointly by the air force research laboratory afrl, boeing phantom. In traditional aircraft design, control surfaces are generally regarded as. Aeroelasticity in general considers inertial, elastic and aerodynamic forces acting on a structure. Compared with a wing of rigid hinged aileron, the morphing wing.

Nx nastran aeroelasticity nx nastran sol 144 overview. Pete seiler and the performance adaptive aeroelastic wing. As the wingbox is divided into five rib bays and each of the rib bays consists of four panels with seven design variables, the total number of design variables is 140. Further, an active aeroelastic wing can be used to reduce induced drag at low wing strain conditions and, at higher strain conditions, reduce maneuver air loads.

With nx nastrans aeroelasticity solution, these points can easily and accurately be solved for, whether on a wing or an entire aircraft. Aeroelastic tailoring theory, practice, and promise. The x53 active aeroelastic wing aaw development program is a completed american research project that was undertaken jointly by the air force research laboratory afrl, boeing. Versatile graphic output capability allows for viewing of all facets of the aeroelastic analysis and design process using a host of commercially available graphic software packages. Widowac may be used for the design of minimum mass wing structures. Preliminary conceptual aeroelastic design asee peer. This design was considered a tremendous increase in the aerodynamic efficiency of the wing, as this particular shape produces the lowest drag coefficient achievable and an improvement in the wings stall response. In 1984 a very peculiar aircraft flew for the first time. Msa3dfoil is used for the aerodynamics conceptualpreliminary design and subsequent analysis of a flying wing uav. The x53 a summary of the active aeroelastic wing flight research.

The msc nastran aeroelasticity capability has seen significant. Active aeroelastic wing application on a forward swept. Using an aeroelastic analysis tool allowed for all. A wing model for wind tunnel test is optimized subject to displacement, torsion, flutter, and strength constraints. Active aeroelastic wing control laws were developed to flex the wing, and flight instrumentation was used to accurately measure the aeroelastic performance of the wing planform. Consequently, a static aeroelastic analysis method7 was used in this work to compute aerodynamic performance. Pdf aeroelastic wing planform design optimization of a. The new features of version 68 include divergence analysis of restrained components or vehicles, and aeroelastic sensitivities of design variables for static aeroelastic characteristics, i. Optimization design of aircraft structures subjected to aeroelastic constraints is not.

Friswell3 university of bristol, bristol bs8 1tr, uk an approach to design an aircraft wing with. Aeroelastic concepts for flexible wing structures 5 dissertation this licentiate thesis is based on a brief introduction to the area of research and the following appended papers. A framework for adaptive aeroelastic wing shaping control nhan nguyen, ph. A new twopronged approach for developing refined aeroelastic scaling laws for rotarywing aeroelastic and aeroservoelastic applications is presented. Boeing x53 active aeroelastic wing wikimili, the free. Pdf user and programer documentation for the widowac programs is given. A multidisciplinary design study considering the impact of active aeroelastic wing aaw technology on the structural wing weight of a lightweight fighter concept is presented. Design variables the design variables for each of the skin and spar panels are shown in table 1. Curvilinear fiber optimization tools for aeroelastic. In addition to trim analysis, sometimes it is necessary.

A flight research program for active aeroelastic wing. This article presents an investigation into the concept and optimal design of a lightweight seamless aeroelastic wing saw structure for small air vehicles. This thesis summarizes investigations performed within design, analy. Aeroelastic scaling for rotarywing aircraft with applications. Quartus engineering incorporated was founded in 1997 to provide quality advanced engineering services. Static aeroelastic analysis is carried out for the beamlike wing model, using a. Use of msc nastran for aeroelastic analysis youtube. Aeroelastic optimization design for highaspectratio wings with. Active aeroelastic wing aaw technology represents a new design approach for aircraft wing structures. Aeroelastic optimization design for highaspectratio.

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